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Digital Fruition is proud to offer state-of-the-art custom hosting services. A majority of other hosting services are featureless, cookie-cutter hosting, and most web design and development companies just resell those cookie-cutter hosting services. Digital Fruition manages our own servers enabling us to offer a wide range of features, and customize our hosting services to fit your specific needs. In order for your website and it's features to perform properly and efficiently your server must be custom configured. Other companies may tell you that certain functions will not work because "the server isn't set up that way", but at Digital Fruition the server is set up the way you need it.

Our very experienced server administrators are continuously maintaining our servers for optimal performance. The latest cutting-edge software, fast powerful brand name servers, and a triple redundant direct connection to the internet backbone allows your website to run at blazing speeds. Unfortunately hardware and software can fail, it’s a fact of life. Digital Fruition goes to great lengths to reduce this risk and our exemplary track record over the years proves it. We offer a 100% network up-time guarantee!

Our redundant backup systems are second to none. Huge UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a.k.a Battery Backups) keep your site up when there is a power outage. In the slim chance of long term power outages, diesel generators will keep your website running. The air-conditioning systems and routers have redundant backups as well. Each of our servers has a RAID array so that if one drive fails the other "backup" drive is used. Even daily backups of the servers are made and kept for one week. This feature is a big favorite for our clients who like to edit their site themselves, if they mess up their site or delete something we can restore it from one of the seven day backups.

Digital Fruition knows the importance of a website's performance, but being cost effective is important too.  We offer the best value; performance with out the high cost.

All of our hosting plans come with the following features:

  • Fast powerful servers monitored 24/7/365
    Dedicated data center personnel monitor the server around the clock to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Secure, Open-source Linux Server with the leading webserver software, Apache
    Relax, your website is hosted by the same reliable tried and true software that over 60% of the web uses.
  • FTP/SFTP Access with multiple FTP accounts
    Access your files securely using the SFTP protocol or using standard FTP. Define separate FTP accounts for each user in your organization, plus control access for each user.
  • Secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Site
    Allow visitors to access your site securely, accept credit cards and other sensitive information. Options vary depending on plan. Secure your own domain or save money by using our shared, anonymous domain.
  • cPanel Access -- Easy to use control panel
    cPanel is the world's leading web hosting control panel. You can manage many aspects of your hosting on your own.
  • Advanced Website Statistics
    How many people visited your website last month? Where did they come from? What pages were most popular? What keywords are working best for you? Do you have enough backward links? Without good website stats like we provide, your website is probably not performing as well as it could.
  • Nightly "snapshot-style" backups
    We keep backup copies of your website, email and other files from the past seven days. (Snapshots) You can not only ask for a file to be restored, but also which day from up to seven days ago.
  • Server RAID Array Hosting
    All hosting accounts are kept on servers using RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). No business should go without RAID. RAID means that your website is stored on multiple hard disk drives, able to operate independently of each other. Hard disk drives are notorious for failures, and if your website is not on a RAID, your site will go down and your data will be lost; but with Digital Fruition's high-quality servers, disk failure is no longer a problem.
  • POP and IMAP Email Hosting
    Most hosting companies offer POP3 email accounts. Digital Fruition offers both POP3 and IMAP email hosting. IMAP Email accounts store all the messages on the server, so if you check your email from home, work, and while traveling, you always have access to all of your mail. No longer do you have to worry about reading a message at home and then not being able to read it again at work. Digital Fruition also offers full Push IMAP hosting, compatable with the iPhone.
  • SpamAssassin Spam Filtered Email Accounts
    If you hate Spam (Unsolicited email) as much as we do, you'll love our SpamAssassin hosting. All Digital Fruition hosting accounts come with the popular SpamAssassin spam filter.
  • Mailing Lists
    Digital Fruition offers emailing mailing lists powered b the GNU Mailman software that you can use to manage e-newsletters, customer notification lists, or discussion lists "Yahoo Groups" style.
  • Parked Domains
    Your Digital Fruition web hosting account may be able to support multiple domain names, depending on your plan. Host the same site under multiple names (parked domains).
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