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Digital Fruition's web development and programming adds a powerful new dimension of capabilities to your website. The automated website functions we produce can perform tasks on-demand for your site visitor, without a wait and without your staff having to lift a finger. The ROI (Return On Investment) makes our services an easy choice. Costly, time consuming tasks your staff normally performs can be eliminated and replaced with our development and programming software creations.

One case study of how our custom programming provided a great ROI would be a rate quoting engine and shopping cart our team developed for a screen printing company. The company prints and embroiders t-shirts, hats, signs, etc... Manually creating quotes for them used to be complex and time consuming, with many price variables such as shirt type, size, color, bulk discounts, type of printing or embroidery, etc... The quoting engine and shopping cart system our team custom created for them is now used exclusively for quoting walk-in customers as well as online customers. The system is much more efficient, saving the time it took to manually create the quotes. It reduces quoting errors, decreasing liability. Quoting is much faster, increasing customer satisfaction. Training employees is faster, because there's no need for them to learn the complex quoting system. These reasons alone are enough to justify an online rate quoting and shopping cart system, yet their new revenue stream from online sales paid for the system in the first few months. Now, with their rapid growth, the system has made it easier for them to open additional franchises. We've also created backup systems for them. The offline webservers on-site at each franchise continuously sync with the main online server's quoting database in case their office's internet connection is lost. Before this client we had not worked with a screen printing company before, yet we quickly learned what their needs were and created an intuitive, lucrative, and time saving system for them.

We offer solutions for many industries, but if you have a unique challenge, even better; we love challenges and have the capability and enthusiasm to create the perfect solution. Not all of the solutions we produce cost thousands of dollars, it all depends on the complexity and scope of the project. Many of our development projects, like PPC (Pay Per Click) ad tracking systems, basic real estate listing systems, and basic CMS (Content Management Systems), are only hundreds of dollars. Big or small, we want to help you grow your business. Yes, we would love to build custom online software for you, but when there's an opportunity for us to save you money, we will! Open source software is a free, viable option in some cases. Not all open source software is good though; we've researched and tested many products and we recommend those that are the best. A few of the best open source applications we've implemented for our clients are photo galleries, bulletin board systems, and calendars. We only charge a small setup and support fee for installation on your site.

As you must realize by now, saving our clients money is is a big priority for us. Another example is our CMS applications which enable our clients to edit portions of their website themselves without having to paying us to change it. This is great for pages on your site that need constant updating like press releases, news, and events.

Digital Fruition's team has deployed many successful internet applications, some of which are used day-to-day by hundreds of thousands of people. To us, it's more then just a job; we eat and breathe website development and design. We are continually sharpening our skills, learning new techniques, and keeping up on the latest cutting-edge web technologies, all to deliver the best possible websites with outstanding value.

A few of the technologies we employ are:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • ActionScript (Adobe Flash)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ASP and Microsoft .Net (VB and C#)
  • Perl

Partial list of applications and systems we have developed:

  • Product Databases for Online Stores
  • Custom E-Commerce Applications
  • Shopping Carts (Including multiple company shared shopping carts)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Wikis
  • Blog and Forum software
  • Online Employment Systems
  • Trouble Ticket Systems
  • PayPal Website Payment Systems/PayPal IPN
  • Mailing List and e-Newsletter Systems (Email Marketing Systems)
  • Instant Quoting Engines (For Health Insurance, Printing, Real Estate, and more)
  • Content Delivery Systems
  • Password Protection and Online Security Systems
  • Event, Attendee management and payment system
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Tracking Systems (also helps in detecting fraudulent clicks)
  • Online Business Directories with automatic payment and registration system
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • Online Forms (Such as contact us forms)
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