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Card Customizer Module

Our Card Customizer is a powerful online stationery proofing and printing system. Customers personalize, proof and approve wedding invitations, party invitations, birth announcements or any other type of card. Customize stationery in any amount or combination of font, color, size, style, spacing and position by typing directly on the card “live as you see it” without having to click a “view proof” button. Its familiar and easy-to-use user interface works just like a simple word processor. Once the order has been submitted you can view the customization via your easy to use website admin, make changes if needed, and print from a very high quality (vector based) print ready document. Managing and organizing your online sales and proofs is very powerful. You can view what process/stage the orders are in at any given time, helping you and your staff get more work done in a much shorting time period. Add any cards you like to the system... then type and stylize your suggested text for customers to change to fit their needs. Our system can print all stationery types, including die cuts!

The biggest online stationery stores only offer their customers a quasi “type in the box” style proofing. We’ve been building Card Customizers for over two and a half years. This is our second generation Card Customizer using ground-breaking technology developed in house. This is the first product of its kind on the web. Gain the competitive advantage of having your own “type directly on the card” Card Customizer for a small fraction of the cost of a custom-built product.

The Card Customizer is a valuable tool for the stationery industry, saving your customers and staff time, increasing customer satisfaction, and growing your online revenues!



Card Customizer Demo Video (2 minutes)



Screen Captures (Click on image to enlarge)

Easily Add & Edit Photos

Easily drag and drop photos into place.  Then zoom and position in a snap.

Text Editor

Your customers can change font style down to each character if desired.

Card with Text Only

Many types of cards can be used, including die cuts.

Customer Approval

Save time proofing by having your customers approve their content (terms set by you).

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