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Apparel Quoter Module

Our online Apparel Decoration Quoting System is the most comprehensive and easiest to use system of its kind.  It's the only true multi-level online quoting system for the apparel screen printing and embroidery industry. The system is designed to quote apparel products and any service combination of screen printing, embroidery, digital printing and cad cutting on a number of areas on a given product.  Our online quoting software can quote t-shirts, polo shirts, ball caps, bags or other apparel items.  The customer can then specify the color of the product, amount of products in each size, decoration areas, types of service including embroidery, screen printing, and digital printing.  They then receive an instant quote!  They don't have to wait and your staff doesn't have to lift a finger to quote it.

The Apparel Decoration Quoting System seamlessly integrates with our powerful Ecommerce System, which offers great standard features like one page check out and pop-up shopping cart.

Setup Fee: $2,800
Monthly Fee: $120 (hosting fee for quoter only, our Ecommerce hosting fees are addtional)

Screen Captures  (Click on image to enlarge)

Quoting Shirt: pt.1 top half

Quoting Shirt: pt.2 bottom half

Product Detail Window > Product Choices Tab

Product Detail Window > Product Matrix Tab

Product Detail Window > Service Matrix Tab

Service Matrix list > Screen Printing Matrix Window

Detailed Order List

Order List > Order Details

Quoting Multiple Areas & Multiple services

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Apparel Quoting System Features and Strengths:

  • Saves valuable staff time and increases productivity by not having to manually quote
  • Five years of experience building Apparel and Service Quoting Systems
  • Sophisticated price matrix system allows for fine-grained control of service pricing: charge by color of product, number of service colors, number of embroidery stitches, square inches, number of service areas, location of service areas, and quantity range.
  • Increase revenue by opening your market to the rest of the world by selling on the World Wide Web.
  • Increases customer satisfaction with faster, easier and more accurate quoting
  • Use the system for quoting in-house at your brick and mortar locations as well
  • Quoting system recently built from the ground up using the latest web technologies to bring you features and ease of use like no one else can
  • System can be used for products other then apparel including: hats, bags, mugs, writing instruments, keychains, trophies, aprons, umbrellas and more
  • Repeat order feature standard
  • No software to install; our system is based on “cloud computing” (software on our web servers)
  • Access your Admin anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Intuitive shopping experience, allowing customers to browse through multiple categories, select the products and services they want, and check out with ease
  • Customer can choose multiple colors, sizes and services all on a single interactive product page
  • Interactive color swatches: hover your cursor over the color swatches and the product image changes to that color
  • Our system is completely customizable, we built it from the ground up so we can efficiently add features and make changes.
  • Calculates service pricing for screen printing, embroidery and digital artwork
  • Support for multiple extra charges, including: screen charges, digitizing charges, artwork fees and handling fees
  • Create customizable areas unique to each product (Left chest, full front, full back, etc...) and specify which services can be done on each area
  • Create product pricing matrixes, offering quantity discounts (volume discounts) and additional charges for oversize items or specialty colors
  • Ability to limit availability of color/size combinations, including limiting by quantity. (For example,50/50 Hanes T-Shirt is available in Blue XXL, but Red XXL is only available in quantities of 100 or more.  Another example, Gildan 100 cotton T-Shirt is available in Pink SM, but Green SM isn’t available at all.)
  • Order Tracking, know what status each order is in with a quick glance
  • Easy to use administration login area; we incorporated new technology that makes our system stand out for being clean, logical and fluid
  • Multi level user permissions, grant your employees only the levels of access they need. (For example: Allow them to view but not modify products, or view but not change orders, or create new orders but not change orders, or create products but not view or change orders, etc...)
  • Our DHTML and AJAX powered quoting system is a faster and more dynamic online system.
  • Simple user interface for obtaining quotes, broken down into easy steps that dynamically reveal themselves to the customer, no unnecessary information to clutter things up and much less action needed from the customer
  • Multiple colors and sizes quoted at one time can receive a volume discount on the total quantity ordered
  • Customer can order multiple services on a single garment order at once, for example embroidery on the left chest and digital printing on the full back.
  • Customer can select actual screen printing ink colors or embroidery thread colors by clicking on a swatch representation of the color. No more confusion as to which “Blue” the customer wanted.
  • Customer receives a clearly visible per item price, including service pricing, itemized detail of product, total and other charges if needed.
  • Powerful artwork management system allows customer to upload and attach artwork to each service, or your staff can attach artwork created in house after the order is submitted.
  • Artwork can be pulled up by order, by service, or by customer.
  • Each order has it’s own unique overall status like “Processing”, “In Artwork Dept.”, “In Service Dept.”, “Shipped”, “Completed” or other desired label.  The list of orders can be filtered or sorted by status. In addition each service on the main order has it’s own status like “Not Started”, “Waiting for artwork”, “In progress”, “Completed” for a detailed break down of an order.
  • Integrates with MVS SportzPak; custom integration with other in-house accounting systems is an option.

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